Who We Are

CALABASH is a world-class production studio with a reputation for creating some of the most unique and compelling animation being done anywhere. Our artists and directors bring a diverse range of creative talent and experience to every project with a deep commitment to time-honored principals of design, animation, and great storytelling. Whether for TV, the web, or the big screen, our mission is to take animation to stellar heights of creativity with our collective genius and unique artistry.

For over three decades CALABASH has brought to life such famous brand icons as the Trix Rabbit, Lucky the Leprechaun, Sonny the Cocoa Puffs Cuckoo, the Hamburger Helper hand, the Green Giant, Mr. Clean, Charlie Tuna, Little Caesar, and the Keebler Elves, garnishing numerous awards and accolades along the way. We also produce our own animated short films, such as the 2002 Academy Award-nominated short, “Stubble Trouble”, and have created animation for independent feature films and major theatrical releases such as “Space Jam”, Big Idea’s “Jonah”, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s “On the Shoulders of Giants”.

We create:

  • 2D Drawn Animation (“cel”)
  • 3D Computer Animation (“CG”)
  • Digital 2D Animation (“Flash” or ”Harmony”)
  • Animation/Live Acton Combo
  • Motion Design / Motion Graphics
  • CG Visual Effects (“VFX”)
  • Logos & Animated Type
  • Line Animation
  • Stop Motion & Mixed Media
  • Character Design
  • Pre-Vis, Storyboards, and Animatics
  • Illustrations

for all types of media, including:

  • Commercials
  • Web
  • TV and Film
  • Games, Mobile, and Interactive


Sean Henry

Sean Henry

Executive Producer

Sean is passionate about the merging of art and technology to create stunning animation and effects. Trained in both classical 2D animation and 3D computer animation at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Sean began his career at CALABASH as an animator and quickly became the head of its computer animation department where he oversaw all CG animation and VFX production.

In his 10-plus years of experience as Executive Producer, Sean has produced hundreds of animations for TV commercials, film, and the web. His knowledge and experience in all aspects of production ensure that every project runs smoothly from start to finish with showcase-worthy results.

Sean takes immense pride in CALABASH’s work and in the talent and dedication of his team. His commitment to excellence has been instrumental in keeping CALABASH’s creative product fresh and innovative. Under his leadership, CALABASH continues to develop new styles and techniques while advancing its reputation as a world-class production studio.

Wayne Brejcha

Wayne Brejcha

Creative Director

Wayne first sank a fist into the tar baby of animation when he discovered flipbooks and phenakistoscopes as a kid. He received tremendous encouragement in his artistic endeavors from wonderful parents, excellent teachers and phenomenal friends– and abysmal grades from any teacher not charmed by doodles in the margins.

As Creative Director at CALABASH, Wayne’s contribution to the studio’s success is incalculable. Wayne’s boundless encouragement, creative insight, and vast wellspring of knowledge are a constant inspiration to other CALABASH directors and artists working alongside him. A fresh, irreverent and puckish sense of humor infuses all his work, and numerous agency creatives (unlike certain teachers) have been delighted with the “doodles in the margins” of his astonishingly inventive storyboards.

Wayne spends his time making sure communications with clients and artists are clear, scribbles endlessly on his Cintiq, monkeys around with cameras and audio equipment, and takes great delight when someone finally asks what the heck a phenakistoscope is.

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